Connect With Me


Facebook  |
While I don’t currently have a public Facebook account (I know!!!), you can always reach me through the Asparagus Jumpsuit Facebook page.

Twitter  | @AsparagusJ |
You can find me on Twitter under Asparagus Jumpsuit. There’s a legacy account under my own name, but I rarely use it any more.

Google+  | +Berin Kinsman
Truth to tell, I’m not as active on G+ as much as I’d like to be, but I do check in there regularly and answer direct messages.

Tumblr  |
The Tumblr account is basically just a mirror of the blog, but if you spend time in that space you can find me there as Asparagus Jumpsuit.

Email |
The best way to reach me is via email. I try to answer everyone as quickly as possible, but that sometimes means 2-3 days if I’m backlogged. Be patient.

DeviantART  |
Katie and I post pics of our artwork to the collective Asparagus Jumpsuit account. There are free downloads and prints for sale for some pieces.

Etsy  |
We try to keep a selection of Katie’s work available for sale on Etsy, unless it sells out. We try to rotate and update the selection regularly.

Pinterest  |
The Aparagus Jumpsuit Pinterest boards highlight both our work and the works of other artists that we like.

Berin’s Blog  |
In case you’ve somehow forgotten, the address of my website is my name.

Katie’s Blog  |
I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my wife Katie’s website, full of art, craft, and goofy fun.