The Dangers of Evernote

My laptop doesn’t have speakers — it’s an old laptop, the built-in speakers crapped out a while back, and I haven’t bothered repairing or replacing them. When I run across a video I want to watch, be it a TED talk, a music video, or something viral that looks funny, I had been bookmarking it to watch later when I’m on my desktop machine. Because I use Firefox (because Chrome crashes when I try to run Silverlight with just about any other page open), my bookmarks sync and it will be there automatically when I move from machine to machine.

The problem was that I often forget to check the bookmark folder named “videos to watch”. Since I started using The Secret Weapon, I realized that I could create a folder for videos under “Read/Review” and “clip” them into Evernote directly from Firefox. I can also tag them with a project that might relate, and a time (I use Later for fun stuff, Soon for things that might have relevance to a project). Then they bubble up and I remember to watch them, as I have time.

When I began doing this, I started having some fears regarding how much I’m using Evernote. I do take precautions against possible security concerns. I was more worried about what happens if Evernote would go away, and I would suddenly lost this data, even though I don’t use it for long-term storage of data.  When I was without an internet connection at the house a few weeks ago, I could still use Evernote, because everything is storage locally as well as in the cloud. It’s actually safe to use Evernote than, say, Google Docs, because I know of one person who inexplicably had his Google account suspended and lost everything because he didn’t back up everything to his hard drive every time he saved.

I guess I’m just a little paranoid about putting all of my productivity eggs in one basked, relying on one system, one piece of software, and one company to insure the continuity of my own business. I’m a guy who digitizes important documents and still keeps the paper copies. Evernote doesn’t really present any dangers, but as much as I love it and use and and have benefited from it, I still worry about how heard I’ve come to lean on it.

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