Quick Hit RPG Reviews

The Gamemaster’s Adventure Planning Template
Super-cheap describes both the price point and the quality. 8 pages of mostly white space, where you can write in the answers to some questions. Skip it. Instead, check of Campaign Master’s FREE Plot Stat Block, which is far superior and a tool I actually use for inspiration.

I really dig this game, for its simplicity and for the fact that you use a *ahem* “Fate Ball” (you know, the thing that looks like a pool ball with a number 8 on it, that can’t be named for trademark purposes?). A fun game for one-shots or short campaigns.

Medieval Life and Laws
For D&D 4e, a very succinct 32-page supplement on bringing medieval life to the game, focusing on creating NPCs (and giving them some interesting powers) and very high-level information on how homes, castles, and legal issues were organized in the medieval world. There are more in-depth history books with greater detail about the period, but this compliments them nicely with elegant 4e mechanics.

The Book of Dumb Tables
Nominally a QAGS product, but actually very generic, most of these tables aren’t that dumb. There are character concept tables, name tables, and a great character actor table (to figure who the character should be played by). There are fun tables, like a bad Silver Age superhero name generator and a lame superpower table. There’s a high concept table, where you can generate a campaign idea like “It’s Godzilla meets Caddyshack“. Okay, there’s also a Random Dave Table, and a Random Bruce Willis Movie table, but there’s also a random adventure generator that doesn’t stink. Fun for a pick-up game or a one-shot, I’d use it with Risus or Primetime Adventures.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Hit RPG Reviews

  1. On behalf of Johnn, thanks for the recommend!

  2. Thanks Uncle Bear! Hopefully your plots thicken with the stat block.

  3. Many thanks for the love for Morai, Berin.

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